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Teaching Residents

Being a beginning teacher, integrating into a new environment and balancing work and life are one of the challenges that worried me when I first started teaching. The everyday routines of beating the morning traffic, eating at the right hours and balancing family time are struggles on top of curriculum stress. Fortunately, the decision to move into the boarding school has helped me breeze through all these challenges.

Living in the same environment with my students, I am able to relate better with them and helped me understand the school culture. This has in turn allowed me to settle into the school environment better and faster. Also, with the school within walking distance, I am able to utilize the time spent on travelling better on work and with catered food in the boarding school, I am able to start and end my day with good meals. Also, the best arrangement in the boarding school is that they could accommodate my parents too. With the many activities going on in the boarding school, my parents’ retired lives are very much energized being surrounded by youth. The living environment is very suitable for both the young and old.

Xie Shangyi
NYGH Teacher, Singapore

Staying at NYGBS has been a very pleasant experience and I wish to thank the whole team for making my stay so enjoyable. The staff was always very kind and helpful, the food varied, healthy and excellent, and the location very nice and practical. I wish the whole team all the best for the future.

Professor Gilles Carbonnier
Visiting Professor to Singapore