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Student Groups

This boarding school and everyone inside changed my life! Thank you all for everything you've done! I came back after 4 years and I was welcomed as if it was yesterday! Will always remember you!"

Giulia Giardini

We thank the chef for preparing of food for us every day, which made us enjoy every breakfast and dinner. In addition, thanks to the staff for working hard to clean the place, which made us feel comfortable and delighted. We were totally immersed in this elegant environment.

Yuki ho, Wang Y-Wen & Hsieh Pei Shan
Taiwan Xiaoming

Thank you so much for taking good care of us and ensuring that all our queries and needs are met. It is indeed a memorable experience to stay in NYGBS and i sincerely hope we can meet again. :)

Lim Ke Xin
Nanyang Primary School