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Our Boarding School has won accolades such as 

“Champion Hostel”

“Most Caring & Homely Hostel”

“Best Host Hostel for International Students” 

“Most Improved Hostel”

Interhostel Champion Cup 2017.jpg
Most Integrated Hostel 2017.jpg

2016 Most Caring Hostel.jpg

MOE Champion Cup.jpgMost Creative Room 2016.jpg

DPP_0070 trophy MOE interhostel challenge champion 2013.jpg2009 STB Award Finalist.jpg 2012 MOE Awards show for 2013 block meeting.jpg


We hope to continually provide the best care possible for our boarders, and the best service possible to anyone who stays here with our boarding family.

Life in NYGBS_Bonding.jpg

Thank You to Our Well Wishers:

Congratulations NYGBS for winning the Champion Hostel!
We are really happy for all the staff and students staying and working at Nanyang Girls' Boarding School. Personally, I cannot wish for a better place to stay for my students!

This is indeed a fitting acknowledgement of the good work and care extended to all the boarders over the years by NYGBS. Congratulations to all at NYGBS for the award!

Congratulations! Our school would like to take this opportunity in thanking the hostel for taking such good care of the scholars.